Independence Day : One year forecast (2017-2018)

—- By Dr. Ajai Bhambi

MA Economics, LLB, PhD in Astrology

In my last 40 years of practice of astrology I must have written numerous times on the national horoscope of India. Every time it not only gives me pleasure but a lot of tingling excitement that I am writing about my beloved country, India. Nations are not built in a day, on the contrary it has taken five thousand years of Bharatvarsh (ancient name of the country) to become Bharat or India. Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers come and go but Nation lives forever. Every President or Prime Minister wants to make a dream country for its citizens. But does every ruler succeed is a matter of concern and debate for the masses. Those involved in futuristic analysis like  economists, socialists, scientists or astrologers always want to assess the things in advance. We at Nakshatra Niketa continue the same tradition which we are following for a long time.

At the time of India’s birth Taurus lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and planetary configuration was as such: Rahu – Taurus, Mars – Gemini, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn – Cancer, Jupiter – Libra and Ketu is in Scorpio.

Brief interpretation of the chart:

At the time of birth of the Nation, Taurus lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and Rahu is placed in it, obviously Ketu has occupied the seventh house. All the seven planets of this chart are on the left side of Rahu-Ketu axis. So-called ‘Kaalsarp dosha’ is severely present in the chart. Despite this ‘Kaalsarp dosha’, some remarkable permutation and combination has also taken place in the chart. Two planets Mars and Jupiter are not very friendly with Taurus lagna but their placement is just beautiful. Mars has occupied the second house and Jupiter is placed in the sixth house and is splendid. There is a first-rate fifth-ninth connection between these two planets. If we calculate degree-wise then roughly it would be 120-240.  The sages were of the opinion if there is a beautiful connectivity between two naturally friendly planets then they give wonderful results despite  thousand odds against them.

Hence, the fifth-ninth combination between Mars and Jupiter has given tremendous strength, energy to the Nation right from its inception. In this sort of connectivity especially between Mars and Jupiter they both create a unified field of activities where everybody (read here citizen) puts tremendous efforts which are invariably beyond their capacity. Mars gives courage, force, confidence, strength, desire, passion, aggression, ambition, command, energy and dynamism. Jupiter puts his stamp with whatsoever Mars comes with. Jupiter is not just a guru or guide in the hour of need but it provides tremendous wisdom when Mars puts his step forward and starts  marching ahead. No wonder a Nation who could not build a needle when it got freedom is now mesmerising the world by sending more than hundred satellites into  space that also first in the world. We at Nakshatra Niketa have done a lot of research on inherent friendly planets and if they are nicely connected in the chart then the pattern of results is always beyond expectations and very satisfying to a great extent.

Five planets – Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Moon are placed in the third house. Whenever four or more than four planets are together in a sign then they give a rise to a high class rajayoga called ‘Pravajra’. There are many ways that one can interpret this wonderful rajayoga but we would like to analyse it very simply. Generally, when different nature of planets comes together and forms a ‘rajayoga’ then that rajayoga gives mixed results. There is bound to be struggle in the beginning and that struggle lasts very long. In this case let us examine Sun and Saturn together in the Cancer sign. The Sun may be comfortable to an extent in this sign but Saturn being a cruel planet is not happy in his lesser enemy sign of Moon and absolutely defiant with the Sun. But sages had defined clearly that when more than two planets are involved in a rajayoga then they shed off their inherent inimical qualities and start giving good results.  Due to the presence of this great rajayoga in the third house it has given great results so far. India has come up on its own without the help of anybody. Our neighbour Pakistan got independence along with us and is always looking towards other countries for its survival wherever we are self reliant right from the beginning. India did face a lot of problems from health, education, social, economics and others. But as a Nation we managed fantastically. This is the beauty of ‘Pravajra rajayoga’ in the third house.

I said in the beginning of this article that so called ‘Kaalsarp Dosha’ is also present in the chart. When I started astrology about forty years back then I hardly heard of this bad combination as it has become now. It is very difficult to find any chart without the presence of this horrible ‘Kaalsarp dosha’. I was told that more than hundred ‘Kaalsarp doshas’ have been created over the years. To my knowledge there is only one more astrologer, Professor K. N. Rao who like me does not believe in this yoga.  As a matter of fact, I did not find any reference of Kaalsarp dosha in all the ancient works of astrology which I happened to read critically at one point of time. However if this sort of Rahu-Ketu axis is involved in the first and seventh house then one thing can be said very safely. If all the planets are on the left side of Rahu-Ketu axis from the lagna then the native (read here Nation) needs to work very hard in the beginning to reap fruit of his good karma till the end of his life. Since Nations don’t die it means efforts put in the beginning will keep on giving lasting results.

In Nation’s chart ten years Moon’s mahadasa is in operation from September 2015 to September 2025. Moon has occupied the third house and involved in a ‘Pravajra’ rajayoga. Moon represents mind and mind always remains young. That is the basic reason that new innovative ideas can always pop up from anybody whether he or she is very young or a fragile oldie. Luckily India is a young country in the world with more than 70 percent of its population belonging to young and active minds. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to remind us and the world that we are the young Nation who has the capacity to give a new direction to the world. The Moon is a very strange planet so is our mind. It is never constant in the sky and completes its cycle of the earth in less than a month’s time. During Moon’s sojourn in the sky it creates million aspects and phenomena with all the other planets of the solar system. And from every Amavasya to Purnima Moon involves the world in a very unique way which it never repeats ever in future. Perhaps that is the reason human mind is also never constant and changes as fast as Moon changes in the sky or forms different aspects and phenomena with different planets. If the angles are matching with your chart then you are on the high otherwise it doesn’t take long to get depressed. Generally we don’t know why we were happy yesterday and what wrong has happened today that we are dull and lacking interest in everything around.

Period from now till 10/08/2018:

Moon–Rahu will operate during this period. Moon has occupied the third house as we know and Rahu is placed in the lagna. Both the planets are aligned quite well in the chart. Moon rules over our mind and Rahu deals with illusion. There is hardly a thread like difference between illusion and intuition but both make the mind extremely active and sometime hallucinating also from their different perspective. Rahu has a special capacity to activate the mind with a different imaginative set up where everything looks very rosy and achievable without putting much efforts. Rahu is also known to create a mirage when involved with Moon then illusionary world can go on and on as somebody hoping for water in a deep desert. The other quality of Rahu is that it never gets tired of its illusionary imagination.

I was told that imagination is very important to achieve worldly or spiritual aspirations. The god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar in his playing days used to visit that ground alone either in the night or early morning when nobody was around. Legend has it that he would sit near the pitch and start imagining that he has to play here after sometime on this ground and how is he going to achieve his target without any destruction. More than often he succeeded in his mission and that is why the world knows him as a legend of world cricket.

Dhiru Bhai Ambani used to consult me quite often and once after analysing the horoscopes of his and family I was curious to know something about his mind. It was my practice to know what was happening in the mind of great people when they were struggling and had almost no hope. Dhiru Bhai told me of the time he was working in Yemen. At that time he was working as a pump man at a petrol service station. I could not follow him and I asked what do you mean by pump man. He said he was working in a petrol station and used to fill petrol (gas) in vehicles. While filling petrol he used to think that one day he will have a refinery and be the richest man of the country at least. In this process many times he will overfill the petrol and get the scolding from his owner and reimburse the loss from his salary. I was taken aback after hearing him and I questioned Dhiru Bhai why he didn’t think of having two – three petrol pumps in town because generally when you working at such a low level your imagination does not cross certain limitation and gets stuck on having one petrol pump or something little better. But this man used to think of owning a refinery and that is what happened one day and the rest is  history.

Moon and Money:

In the human body, blood which contains maximum plasma is controlled by Mars and the flow of blood in the arteries and veins of the body is controlled by the movement of Moon. The same way money is generated by Jupiter and flow of money in the society is solely dependent on Moon. As a matter of fact, there is an inherent connection between the flow of money in the society and the Moon. The Moon’s mahadasa of ten years has started in September 2015. The placement of Moon in the third house of the Nation’s chart is not entirely good and indicates a paradigm shift in the thinking, philosophy and culture of the country. During the antara (sub period) of Moon – Mars in Nation’s chart around 8th November 2016 the demonetisation had come  as a jolt to one and all and everybody felt the heat of this decision at that time. Modi government has put certain restrictions of the flow of money which were frequent earlier. The monetary structure or flow of money will never be the same at least for next 10 years when the Moon mahadasa will remain in operation.

Rahu and GST:

Right now in Nation’s chart Moon – Rahu are in operation from 8th February 2017 to 10th August 2018. Modi government has launched GST at the stroke of midnight of 30thJune 2017. GST has been put at par with India won freedom on the stroke of midnight on 14th August 1947. When the world is asleep, India will wake to life and freedom, a new era. This was the crux of Pandit Nehru’s historical midnight speech on Independence day.

While going through GST literature I stumbled accidently on a deep connectivity between Rahu and GST. As we know in astrology, Rahu gives illusions which are inter-mingled with themselves in such a way that confusion keeps on mystifying further and further. Let us try to understand GST by an example. Assuming you earned one lac rupees and very rightly they are lying in your bank. You are happy so is the government. Out of this one lac rupees thirty thousand will be taken by income tax at the rate of 30 percent interest. Bank has to perform his rightful duty so he will add on six thousand rupees in your account as an interest on the capital. If you don’t spend anything then 18 percent will be taken by GST as per new rule. However if you should decide to spend on groceries, food, clothing or any other necessary articles then you have to pay 28 percent. Government is very happy with you because you are a good citizen and doing your duty genuinely. Assuming you call a carpenter, plumber or you go and buy vegetables, fruits, sweets and other articles then again you have to pay from 18 to 28 percent. But the people where you acquire these services are not liable to pay to the government because they don’t keep any record. But your record is known since your money goes in and comes through the bank.

I was wondering Rahu is also like this. When you are in the realm of Rahu then you keep on going round and round without reaching anywhere and in the process you are exhausted and may collapse one day. This is known as Rahu’s web which is full of illusions.   If Moon-Rahu are affecting us as a citizen then one wonders they must be confusing our rulers also who come out with strange policies. It is very difficult to blame anybody because when Moon – Rahu is in operation then everybody seems right and has a good reason to prove his point and win the game in his  favour. But those who know Rahu and here I am referring to sages,  they have said in a different way when Moon – Rahu are in operation then man or ruler may be winning a point for a moment but actually it is Rahu who is a game changer not you. And wherever Rahu is like a chameleon who changes his colours, at the end of the day it leaves everything colourless and disillusioned.

Middle class of India is the back bone of our economy for the last 30 years. Middle class earns well therefore they participate in all kind of social and economical upliftment activities at different levels. Over the decades this changing mind set of middle class Indians has made fast progress and its contribution to the Indian economy is tremendous. Higher class always had abundance of resources and never thought twice before spending lavishly on their likes. Lower economic class has also been helped tremendously over the years by upcoming middle class because they both needed each other. With demonetisation the loose money which countrymen used to keep for different occasions and crisis is no longer cushioning to them. Top of it GST has cut the size of their pocket to afford bare means at the end of day. When demonetisation was announced by the government many thought huge black money will be unearthed from rich people. But now it seems that all middle class people were having black money in their houses which has seen the light of day and sight of big black money is nowhere. If this trend continues then India will not have middle class and it will become America. It may not be a surprise for many to know that in America only two classes exist – 10 percent higher or corporate and 90 percent working class. Sometimes I wonder how astrology plays its game silently and we come to know when we face the drastic situation in life.

It is noted that Moon has occupied the third house and its mahadasa of 10 years is in operation. Third house represents neighbours. Right from its inception, India’s neighbours have been   creating problems. Soon after independence in 1947 India was forced upon to go into a war with Pakistan in 1947-48 over Kashmir issue and same pattern is continuing even now. In Moon’s mahadasa Pakistan has accelerated its terrorist activities at the border and terrorists have done damage in other areas also. Of late China is creating problem and Dolkam has become a bone of contention between the two countries for quite some time. India-China border has become quite sensitive in last few months and real peace does not seem to be in sight in future also. We at ‘Nakshatra Niketa’ believe that a war may be forced upon us in Moon’s mahadasa. To avoid this, government needs to do some serious thinking. Our borders are not as porous as they used to be at one point of time and military strength is also very combative but war does not serve any purpose in the long run.

Moon- Rahu still has one year to go. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a new vision to the entire Nation. He appreciates that India is a young country and needs to be treated at par with developed countries. He has big dreams to digitalise the entire country with the network as soon as possible. Economic structure has been changed of the country. If he introduces few more schemes to curb black money or benami property or other things then it should not surprise anybody. Bullet Train, Clean Ganga, Swachchh Bharat, electrification of entire country, start up, digitalisation, Make in India, education for all, drinking water available to all, perfect law and order, corruption free country, upliftment of farmers and creating job for skilled labour and many more.  When Rahu occupies lagna then native (read here Nation) believes whatever is told by its leaders. Our experience says when Moon- Rahu are in operation then people are more disillusioned by the hopes which were given to its young generation at one point of time which they believe genuinely. We hope Rahu does not show chameleon character here.

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