Goodbye … Prasar Bharati !

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Prasar Bharati is reeling under acute disconnect and shortage of experienced manpower. For two decades since its inception and with a deep rooted plot to deny it regular supply of trained professionals by bureaucrats, both AIR and Doordarshan now being Ruled by people drawn from Drugs and Narcotics, Income Tax, Air Force, Army and those owing allegiance to the ruling party. There are others from Railways, Defense Accounts and MTNL who keep hopping in the organization obviously for fun …. After all how would those perform who are not trained for the job or Studios. Even the so called Management cannot be done unless one is prepared with intricacies of Media production and management.

And for this all the Prasar Bharati Boards, its half hearted Part-time Members and CEOs the most, are guilty of ruining a once very thriving organization. One cannot blame the Politicians for they have nothing but excuses shifting the blame. And same goes even now.

It was with this precarious gap in functioning that the earlier Boards decided to continue with Professionals as Consultants to help the new recruits or the Casuals to be groomed as the future!      And rightly so the hugeness of Public Broadcast like any monolith could not be left orphaned. The past few years saw many seniors aiding and guiding the organization. But sadly, their contributions were perforated by deceitfully appointed Advisors by CEO unheard for professional acumen. There were many such names that had no media background except questionable patronization by the CEO for vague reasons. The concept of backroom support got jolted.

Imagine an organization not filled posts for 20 years with blanks all over with astounding support from Consultants who were selected out of retired professionals of merit, pushed out and replaced with Party supporters, as the grapevine alleges. This has resulted into disjointed functioning. Now with displaced continuity Pilot Officers are sent for Commercial marketing, Studio productions and Staff selection …. Is Prasar Bharati really reduced to this level of replacements? The fate of Kisan Channel handled by these brings clarity the way professionalism is compromised. Another important area of Archives is much more than mere technical transferring of programmes …. Where are the old experts who went scouting for those productions!

Public broadcasting has been turned verbatim public and pedestrian. Sad to see another good organization ending up this way and equally pathetic is the incompetence of the Chairman and other Members who comprise the Board.

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