Doordarshan : Why Show Off, Mr. CEO!

Doordarshan, Prasar Bharati, Sircar, Joshi, Jawhar Sircar

Now a junior officer takes CEO, Prasar Bharati to Police – Perhaps no worse humiliation could befall than this. But this certainly bares the chinks in the organization long complained by both the staff as well outsiders – Ministry long knew about inadequacies of Jawhar Sircaryet continued with him putting everyone now in an embarrassing situation … He does what he is not supposed to do – like using beacon on his car!  This could have been palmed off as trivia but for someone so known for making casteist comments and predilection for vituperative terms for his senior staff puts the CEO in a quandary now.  There are prevailing guidelines both by the Government and the Supreme Court on eligibility for putting and using such lights. And CEO Prasar Bharati stands nowhere in any order of importance yet he has the addiction to flout Rules and go about with such light in car DL2CAP 1858.     While this exposes his poor understanding of morals it flouts traffic laws and invites contempt of Supreme Court which in SLP(C ) no. 25237/2010 dated Dec.10, 2013  had laid such guidelines.

Jawhar Sircar seems to be having nightmares since Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Addl DG complained of such violation to the Jt. Commissioner Police (Traffic) after the CEO is reported to have arrogated on knowing the system and people.   It is unfathomable to find the CEO violating something that Doordarshan and AIR have been reminding public about this as civic duty. Somewhere instead of setting standards he exposed his self poorly by disregarding the Motor Vehicle Act and Apex court guidelines. This is more unbecoming, as heard, when the senior most goes about threatening people and getting them implicated with his connections from bureaucratic days – One even wonders if he was ever a senior sensible officer for the stories that trickle about him in the corridors.

The reporting to police by a senior Officer known long for righteous disposition and fighting for cause shatters the myth that all is well within Prasar Bharati … For long, this CEO has been on tenterhooks with implacable hostility with his own staff landing in morass. If recalled, staff marched to the residence of Arun Jaitley last year protesting against his style of functioning and consternating his casteist remarks against former DG in full meeting.

Why is CEO Prasar Bharati getting into pickle and badgered repeatedly? More so if the senior most gets kicked around the manner has been, it shames the organization he is supposed to be leading. Could one expect him to create an army of professionals to match growing competition? Could he be trusted to create a media-dream for the coming decade or does his staff really consider him worthy of the job he is handling!   More when he is getting caught on the wrong foot habitually.  His proclivity for Quixotic understanding of situations and men has thrown him in shades of incompetence.

It’s pathetically serious that Ministry even has failed to mark his personal behaviour and never questioned anything from proper use of funds to creation of content to sagging morale and less said about the ineffectiveness of Prasar Bharati Board. It seems the saga of S S Gill, R R Shah and B S Lalli are in for repetition. The present Chairman was perhaps given all the freedom to deal with CEO as per the Act and Surya Prakash shall have to use his abilities more if the organization has to be saved … One may use the beacon but lights are flickering out for CEO this time.DD235

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