Boxing in Prasar Bharati

Prasar Bharati, Doordarshan, Jawhar Sircar

DD  There is an interesting story that   goes around the corridors of Shastri Bhawan of a lady bureaucrat who long completed her tenure with Ministry of I & B and now scared to return to her cadre Tamil Nadu.  Reports also say that the Chief Minister is not keen to have her back leaving lady Officer knocking doors for some way out.

Ministry sources reveal that she continues to stay around and eyeing for one of the two jobs happening in Prasar Bharati soon.  While she made her application for DG, AIR and Doordarshan, the lady officer seems to have turned to the CEO for help. With ongoing tussle in Prasar Bharati Board over candidates, it is learnt Jawhar Sircar CEO has thrown down gauntlet to take on the majority and cause embarrassment to the BJP Government.  Stories circulating in the Ministry even name one lady DG- News, who is supporting CEO by impressing upon the Ministers and the Secretary to help this Tamil Nadu officer.   The story becomes more interesting since the CEO left with just about year tenure and someone who never took any bold step in turning around the organization going all guns for the lady officer !

Grapevine as usual making it a delectable piece of sweet and sour of events is accusing him of indirect influencing of candidate that is both improper and unbecoming. The frequent go betweens by the said lady DG- News in facilitating the ‘homeless officer’  at CEO’s behest is something well known in Ministry now.  If one believes whispers, there is another layer to the plot. She is averse to seeing another IIS officer getting the coveted job who has also been accommodated in the list of candidates and that motivates her more in ganging up with the CEO in the plot.

Jawhar Sircar often accused of not carrying on well with staff for his peculiarities and now one overhears his regular skirmishes with the Board make him the sour note.  The recent past saw senior officers from IBS upping their ante for his unrulybehaviour and lackadaisical stance withstanding even threats of downing their ACR that have become common. One ADG is said to have flexed and walk off the meeting last month as news trickle in.  The open forum defiance that one never heard of earlier finds the CEO now vilifying officers before the impending interviews seem childish and unethical.

Well Prasar Bharati could have found better reasons to be in News than washing linen in public …!

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