Telangana imbroglio

THE Telangana issue is driving Andhra Pradesh politicians crazy. Seema Andhra politicians are reading the writing on the wall while the Congress finds itself in a Catch-22 situation. If Andhra Pradesh remains united, the Congress is likely to be wiped out in the State. But if it is divided, there may be some co
nsolation for the party. Sonia Gandhi has assigned P Chidambaram and Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde to handle the problem while Jairam Ramesh and S Jaipal Reddy are the interlocutors within the party to sound out every stakeholder. Meetings are being held day and night of those who are pro- and anti-Telangana. Senior Cabinet Ministers seeking to meet Sonia are instead told to meet Chidambaram or Shinde. Chief Minister Kiran Reddy has suggested that the Congress should take the position that it is ready to create Telangana if the Assembly passes a resolution favouring bifurcation of the State. It would thus save face. But, say sources, there were no takers for this argument in the party. A Cabinet Minister from Andhra Pradesh is so unhappy that he has tried to get an appointment with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for two months. No one is heeding his requests as Rahul is occupied with electioneering. Now there are serious murmurs growing within the Congress, and the coming days will tell what shape this undercurrent will take

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