Signs That Prove He Is Ready For A Long-Term Relationship

Time is running out girls! You don’t need to keep changing guys every now and then, and let them play
with your heart as a toy. Better stick on one that shows the signs of a keeper, and thus lead a healthy
and good relationship with him.

A girl’s life becomes more consequential and precious when she comes across a guy who is a keeper.
Being a keeper means he is worth enough to be on your side in a long run, and that is what makes a
good relationship. So, in order to find the one, you need to assess your guy through his acts, sayings,
behavior and attitude towards you.

Believe it or not, there are men that are looking for a committed relationship. You just have to know
what to look for. Here are eight ways to tell if he’s ready for a long-term relationship.

1. He’s interested in more than looks.
Physical attraction should only be one piece of the bigger picture. If the guy you’re dating is worth
anything, he should be interested in every aspect of your life.

2. He surpasses your standards.
Every woman should hold the man she’s dating accountable to a set of non-negotiables. If he’s a keeper,
then he should consistently meet, and sometimes exceed your expectations.

3. He makes time for you.
“I was busy” should never be an excuse. Men make time for the things they’re serious about. If he’s hard
to get a hold of or is consistently late, then you’re probably not a priority.

4. He introduces you to his people.
A love-minded man will want to get you in front of his family as soon as possible, so he can see how you
interact with the people he cares about. Also, he wants you to be a part of his activities and wants you
to know his close-ones better.

5. He’s comfortable around your people.
Mr. Right will not only spend the rest of his life with you, but also your friends and family. That’s why it’s
critical that he gets along with the people you care about. If he doesn’t fit in, then he may not be the
one for you.

6. He wants your relationship to be exclusive.
If a man sees a future with you, he’ll want you to be exclusive as soon as possible. Only men who aren’t
serious want to keep their options open.

7. He remains the same as the one you met the very first day.
A reliable and sincere man will not change over the blend of time, rather he will either become even
better or remains the same, both of which are best anyway. Thus, if your guy keeps the stability in
showing care, love, admiration and respect towards you, then this surely is what makes a good
relationship healthier and stronger.

8. He remains with you through thick and thin.
Generally, a guy takes active part and shows interest in his girl’s achievements, cherished moments and
events, but only few stands through thick and thin. That’s what makes your guy stand out if he shows
care and assistance during your crisis and takes you out of your grief.

If he really does this all, then surely these are signs that he is a keeper and up for a long-term

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