Rathore Visits Doordarshan Studio : Professionals Treated Ungraciously !

Rathore Visits Doordarshan Studio : Professionals Treated Ungraciously !

Why MoS Information & Broadcasting  Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore suddenly came to the News wing of Doordarshan at that abnormal hour from 10.30 PM and remained till 3.00 AM – Was there some national emergency he was supervising –  Sources in Prasar Bharati reveal that he was annoyed for getting poor coverage by DD for Tirangaa Yatra he organized.  It is also alleged that he summoned DG-News at the dead hourly night and took the senior Lady to task.  He is reported to have threatened to shift the DG News out for not giving him due space in News. This could have perhaps waited till day-break …  Has the Hon’ble MoS forgotten that Prasar Bharati was an “Autonomous body” that these Ministers often shirk away their responsibilities saying this even in Parliament? Why then create alleged hungama in the News for not featuring him well, that was the prerogative of the editorial staff – Could he really be subscribed over a Prime Minister’s coverage!

During the recent Second year completion function of the Government, the MoS was audible enough to instruct the Doordarshan producer covering it Live, not to cover any DD Official in any shot? Sources reveal in the Ministry that the producer was specifically told to avoid Ms Aparna Vaish, Acting DG and Ms. Deepa Chandra, Addl.DG.  Since the producer happened to do sports programmes earlier and knew the MoS from his ‘shooting’ days, this aimless shot shocked the shallowness of instructions yet he complied.

Why this apathy toward in-house professionals who are infact the chariot runners in the organization… And why of all mortals, the Minister got peeved over roving camera to shoot them … Does the Ministry really know that inspite of thrusting-in incompetent  and untrained hands, it is these officers who lead in a lustreless organization now !

Well, this goes to expose the psychological fencing non-professionals suffer from – Be it a Union Minister or ones inducted by the Ministry … It was earlier battering the professionals to scare them away with stagnated growth, false cases, denying promotions despite CAT and Court orders, lateral induction of low calibre people on temporary terms, filling slots with disinterested deputationists (now challenged in Delhi High Court), has made all the temporary stakeholders more insecure … Maybe the MoS were trying to shield such elements by refusal to portray the senior most Officers in Doordarshan during public functions. Or was it that senior Officers did not tow line for an infracted policy of Slot Auctioning that is well exposed now.

CEO Prasar Bharati is on record creating furore when another Addl. DG featured in official public functions early this year. It was not a designed portrayal but a casual shot of audience where he was shown felicitating the guests or delivering customary address. The CEO lost no time in issuing Memo without reading the Manual and duties there defined. That certainly goes now as reason in the Court for causing biases, hindrance in discharging duties. But one expected the CEO doing same to the present Director General who was repeatedly shown in the Independence Day function? Not only that, the camera ignored Cabinet Ministers, other senior bureaucrats, Ambassadors and many dignitaries  and glued on to Ms. Supriya Sahu by the team covering the event only to seek petty personal favours.

This obviously exposes the biases the MoS and Prasar Bharati nurse against the professionals and senior officers by name that certainly lowers their esteem. Jawhar Sircar CEO once again fails to maintain propriety and impartiality.

This was never an issue and it follows the media grammar and the manual both. But since the time bureaucrats have made it their pasture they don’t cherish any other face from the organization featured on the screen. This heart-burning has always been on increase. Most temporary ‘satraps’ don’t like media professionals getting acknowledged in public and most when their cameras covering public gatherings give fleeting shots of their appearance.  Psychologists term this as instability complex that gets more prominent when inadvertent comparison become yardstick of measuring competence. And bureaucracy shudders getting compared with Professionals.


One waits when Jawhar Sircar CEO Prasar Bharati issues Memo to Ms. Supriya Sahu DG Doordarshan for featuring on TV even if in the official capacity like he did to others. Incidentally how could the MoS be selectively biased towards set of conscientious women Officers  with such unseemly conduct !  Someone should have reminded him of the Prime Minister’s endeavour to uplift and support their cause – Could one think of more lows in this organization than this !

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