Making the gods happy

NARENDRA Modi has managed to get the BJP’s godfathers to declare him the Prime Minister of India. But he is still not sure that the Almighty will bestow his blessings on him. It was naturally a complicated issue—how to make the gods happy. The task was duly assigned to his brother, Soma Bhai. Kashi Vishwanath is considered the most powerful god in Indian mythology. So Soma Bhai contacted the most prominent astrologers in Varanasi. Those top-notch astrologers of the historic city of Kashi predicted that Modi will be the next PM and he will do wonders. But they also suggested that Modi should visit Varanasi and take a sankalpa (oath) before Lord Shiva himself. Modi could not, however, go for this purpose alone, so a massive rally was organised. Modi paid his obeisance at Kashi Vishwanath and took the sankalpa. Apart from his brother, Soma Bhai, Smriti Irani, one of Modi’s ardent admirers, too is in touch with all kinds of personalities and characters to muster support for Modi. It is to be seen what the gods have in store for him, whether the gods of the BJP will keep their promise or he will have to rely on more worldly gods. 

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