Laughable Ideas of Doordarshan!

Doordarshan, Prasar Bharati, Mandi house, Vijay Kumar, Sharad Dutt, Govardhan Sharma, Mir Mushtaq and Sita Nanda

At times, Prasar Bharati also reveals its funnier side that tears apart its functional sensibilities and operational acumen. Like when Babus shift and transfer professionals without realizing their expertise and job requirement that eventually hampers professional functioning. With horde of outsiders manning top spots who have no inkling to the caliber and background of people they are inducting and seeking support they get trapped in make-believe stories.

It seems no one ever gave a thought while shifting the previous Head of office to South India that he was one of the most suitable for conducting Live coverages for Prime Minister, National days and other functions. He was even applauded on many an occasions for leading a team of hard core professionals and giving seemly coverages. Insiders confirm that he would even be compared with stalwarts like Vijay Kumar, Sharad Dutt, Govardhan Sharma, Mir Mushtaq and Sita Nanda known for such Live OBs.

Now stories in Ministry confirm that a former officer who was complained about ‘sexual harassment’ and who hurriedly sought VRS under most dubious circumstances is recalled to “Advise” on conducting such coverages … This urgency has been cited since no one is conversant with the technique makes it laughable. It is also a sad commentary on the manner in-house trainings and up gradation given backseat that the organization has to seek support of questionable and undesirables.

This nevertheless throws challenge to the CEO and DG to ward off this immoral intrusion and its debilitating effect on a section of staff whose rights are constantly upheld by the Prime Minister. This further exposes cartel of hands who are trying to embarrass the organization. With a Chairman of the Board, an Acting CEO and a DG absolutely non-conversant with background have been hoodwinked to accept this inclusion which should have been resisted on grounds of propriety and morality.

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