Kunwar Vijay Partap dumped by AAP in Punjab

By ; Harjeshwar Singh

During the recent expansion of Bhagwant Mann cabinet,one name which was conspicuous in its absence is Kunwar Vijay Partap,the high flying former cop turned MLA.

Social media was rife with the injustice met out to Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh .There was speculation that it was his “Merit” and “Competence” which was being overlooked while others believed that his principled and tenacious stand on the “Beadabi” issue which had made him the latest “AAP Martyr” .

However this is not the first time that a “high flying celebrity” has been treated so by AAP .Kiran Bedi,Medha Patekar,Parshant Bhushan,Yogendra Yadav,Kumar Vishwas,Shajia Ilmi etc are some of the names which come to the mind nationally .Closer home Harvinder Singh Phoolka,Jarnail Singh,Dr Gandhi,Sukhpal Khaira,Kanwar Sandhu,Dr Daljit etc come to the mind.All of them were inducted with much fanfare but later either ousted ,discarded or ignored.

How does one explain all this ? To understand this we should consider Aam Aadmi Party like some upstart company with a big marketing budget.Its preferred strategy of growth is through “celebrity “ endorsements and through big advertisements on “social and mass media .”

In this strategy “celebrities “ who have made their name in some field—social work,academics,show bizz ,public work are lured into the party ,used to gain traction and mileage among the public and than discarded at will .

In this “Lovely University “ model Celebrities are the ruse to draw in the masses who in reality are served by the likes of Anmol Gagan Manns,Laljit Bhullars and Satyendra Jains instead of the promised Kunwar Vijay Partaps or Sukhpal Khairas.

One of the favourite courses which AAP offered in Punjab to draw in the emotional Sikh masses has been the “Justice to Sikh “theme always guaranteed to provide a bumper electoral harvest.

AAP became an overnight hit in Punjab in 2014 when it inducted Harvinder Singh Phoolka and constituted a “SIT” to provide justice to 1984 Delhi victims .Jarnail Singh ,another celebrity of the cause was also inducted to provide double blast to the issue .What happened to the SIT nobody knows but AAP certainly gained a foothold in Punjab.Phoolka Sahib ,once the CM face of Punjab was marginalised and ultimately left AAP ,Jarnail died unlamented.

This time it was the turn of the “ambitious” and “media loving “ tough cop Kunwar Vijay Partap and the issue was “Beadabi” .Kunwar was inducted like a film star .His posters and flexes were plastered all over the state and promised the moon.Kunwar with dreams of being a “home minister” played along turning out a “legally dubious” but a “politically useful” report for the AAP .

Now that dust has finally settled and AAP’s Punjab mission finally accomplished ,Bhagwant Mann’s govt is seeking closure to the issue while Kunwar Vijay Partap is almost a pariah or a embarrassment to the govt.

Celebrities too have played themselves into the hands of AAP .Impractical idealism,Egos,Greed Lack of team ethics and political nous have all ensured that the triumphant flag of Kejriwal is hoisted on their skulls

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