Here is how you can tell if they hate you or love you

Here is how you can tell if they hate you or love you

Have you ever thought about it whether somebody you just interacted with loves you or hates you completely? Have you noticed that some people are naturally very kind and exude good and pure vibes, while others give you those side eyes straight away? When something like that happens, it is usually very easy to tell whether the person likes you or wants you gone from there, but it often happens that things are not so obvious every time.


Fortunately, there are some fine details that usually give people’s thoughts away, even if they are trying very hard to conceal how they really feel about you: all you have to do is to pay attention to these signs given below and to read them correctly. Here are some of the most notable signs that can help you find out if people love you or hate you:

  1. Their Voice


You will be surprised to see that you can tell a lot more about a person (and about the way they feel for you) by simply paying attention to the tone of their voice, than to the things they are actually saying to you. This does not mean that you have to completely ignore what they are saying – it just means that you need to entirely focus on the “whole package”.


A person’s voice tone can either make or break them, and it can easily give out away their hidden intentions. The tone of any persons voice can be a very good indicator of somebody’s inside feelings, and while it would be very easy for people to lie to each another; it is a lot more difficult task to conceal their true intentions in the tone of their voices. For instance, you can easily tell if somebody hates you or if they feel bored when they are with you, if they use a flat tone while speaking to you. On the other hand, vocal inflections as opposed to speaking in monotone way have the opposite effect to it, and it means that the other person is really to keep on the conversation.


  1. Never Ignore Their Actions


Actions really speak louder than words, and all you have to do to find out if somebody loves you or hates you is to pay keen attention to their actions. For say, if you want to know whether the man you are seeing is interested in you, then you will need to pay attention to the way he acts with the other people around: if he is always cold and distant, then the chances are that he finds you really obnoxious. But, if he tries to signal to the other men around that you are off limits, then that is very obvious sign that he digs you – same applies to all women!


  1. Facial Expressions are important too!       


People with over expressive faces cannot lie and even if they tried to. Have you noticed that some people have that “sweet” and pleasurably look in their eyes when you look at them, while others try to push you away just by looking at you? It is said that the eyes are the main mirror of the soul, and they are a pretty good sign of whether a person loves you or hates you.

Besides this, there are several others somewhat less obvious facial expressions that you should initially look for. For example, the crinkling of the nose is commonly related with a feeling of disgust, and if somebody does that around you, then that can have only one meaning! Besides this, people who roll their eyes a lot while speaking certainly do not like your presence, either.

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