Doordarshan Shields Culprits: Provident Fund Misappropriated …

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Doordarshan stoops to new lows. Crossing all previous standards it gets accused for diverting funds meant for Provident Fund and Medical insurance for Contractual staff to illegal sources. An organization that goes about teaching the nation about welfare schemes of the Government is exploiting and defrauding its temporary staff. Coming from the public broadcaster in creating sham and a façade belying concerns of the Prime Minister promoting his welfare plans, sources reveal of funds getting diverted or “managed” despite all legalities of Labour Laws.

The reprehensible act of siphon-off it is learnt going on for quite long.  There have been concerns and protests but the need for job and two square meals help Babus and Contractors exploit the temporary staff. While the male staff is reportedly taxed for long hours of duty including holidays, the women subjected to other harassments. There are even reports of some women making complaints but everything got shoved under carpet and one learns of complicity of Administration as well as Vigilance joining the game. Yet one hears of murmurs of dues denied despite senior officers informed.

There should been FIRs against erring officers and the engaged contractor for defying legal stipulation. The lack of prosecution and action established complicity in crime. There are reports of Contractors not approved by Labour Ministry engaged and the funds deducted for PF and Medical Insurance not deposited in concerned departments. Those vocal or some favourite ones get their dues “settled” but most others get harried and intimidated.

Our correspondent recently found out that the Commercial Section and Delhi Kendra were continuing illegalities without compunction. It is more alarming that the Addl DG-Commercial inspite of complete knowledge has not reported matter to CBI or Police since this tends to be a serious financial irregularity. The DDG-Commercial who should have initiated proceedings against his predecessor is now accused of confusing with irrelevant subject of Commercial Section’s independence. Instead of taking action against the corrupt and fraud, the present incumbent is pushing proposal for having it merged with Directorate and thus saving skin of many around.

Perhaps ADG (Commercial) and her deputy are not aware of the reasons of setting up the Commercial Section and why and how it was granted autonomy to conduct financial and business dealing when Doordarshan went commercial. It was this autonomy that also set up the exclusive Marketing Division with similar freedom to perform. These were categorized as “Independent Stations” with similar financial and administrative authority as contained in Section IV of Doordarshan Manual- Vol. III.   This was well circulated vide order no. G-17011/4/95-FAS dated April 21, 1995 which extended the Memorandum no. 1/78/76-FAS dated February 1, 1980.

It authorized Controller of Sales, Doordarshan Commercial Service with authority to deal, exercise financial authority as indicated independently. It paints a deplorable picture of caliber of people manning these offices now not versed with basics of organization. If the ADG (Commercial) is on deputation from Ordinance Factories, the DDG is an Engineering hand who is equally not trained for the job. The result is corruption and mess. And each supports the other it appears.

With series of bureaucrats-on-deputation making hay in the organization, one witnesses rise in insipidity, lack of vision and cohesive planning. With egos and arrogance writ large and confidence of getting leeway offers enough latitude to maraud the system. Commercial Section as test case amply establishes the credence of utter mismanagement and both ADG and concerned DDG are responsible.

This reflects on the caliber of new Director General also who moved mountains to grab the job she is now exposing chinks for consorting with likeminded deputationists. The seriousness of fleecing and diddling the contractual staff has to be understood and matter handed over to CBI especially the two Engineering officers manning the section so ineptly and with all intentions to rip off the system. With Parliament due to begin its session, it would be wise if action against erring officers is stepped up and all dues past and current dues settled in the organization.

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  1. Yes, exactly, CBI enquiry is utmost required to probe, there is many irregularities being played in the whole Doordarshan department, the department’s own trained staff are set aside by the outsiders who just have joined the organisation with the sole aim to loot the department or ailing it with their unprofessional working style.

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