Doordarshan: Prasar Bharati Slips Again

Doordarshan: Prasar Bharati Slips Again

CEO Prasar Bharati must have used the boldest font while signing to kick out Naresh Sirohi, Consultant for DD Kisan recently. For him it was the moment to strike out one of important appointees of RSS to oversee the Kisan channel and also for the manner CEO was ignored since it began. The fall out to the story done by us recently has exposed the way public broadcaster held to ransom by a bunch of outsiders on pleasure trip to Mandi House.

There are remote chances of DD Kisan getting propped that continues as a life-less channel?  Naresh Sirohi the eyes of RSS were neither the greater culprit nor an obstructionist as made out. He fell to the machination of another duo of Chairman and his protégé Kishore Malviya, the two accused of stymieing Channel. Both unaware what Television Management was all about except creating fissures in ranks to perpetuate their hold.  The Chairman never heeded to refrain interfering in executive matters for the embarrassment he has already caused.

CEO on his part could never obliterate the ignominy getting singled out to take an ordinary spot in public with Chairman Prasar Bharati sitting, talking with Prime Minister launching the Channel.  Cameras covering the occasion picked up the hurt of CEO with a rank outsider and absolutely inexperienced Chairman sharing dais with Narendra Modi and assuring to fulfill his dream project. This was a big blow to an otherwise conceited CEO who according to many was shown his place.  This was always a questionable pride Chairman boasted gets nullified now with dispirited performance draining over Rs 100 crores.

One amazes at the composition of Prasar Bharati Board which does not have even a single professional of merit from the electronic medium. They all appear as a bunch out on picnic at Government cost or else someone would have protested or advised when a highly discriminatory Slot Auctioning System was reintroduced and approved. The Board cannot escape the culpability of partisan manner they tried helping certain selected Producers with motive. This was apparant irregularity and financial depravity to help undesired producers that it got scuttled for infirmities. The Chairman and CEO both stand guilty here and the role of Member- Finance yet to be ascertained for it was his duty to illustrate financial illegalities in the agenda itself.

The Chairman went overboard with an Act passed by Parliament that did not give him any authority to interfere or even influence the functioning since he was just a Part time Member. Yet he continued doing unabashedly and this was another obnoxious intrusion by him. Should he be discredited for embarrassing Prime Minister for failing his dream project?   Situation has come to this low that insiders and Staff Associations are now gearing up to question his contributions since taking over. One might not get surprised if RTIs questioning his credentials in electronic medium are made to further embarrass him !

The Chairman is illegal recipient of monthly salary that the Prasar Bharati Act does not permit.  Now that he is absent for almost three weeks travelling abroad, should the amount not be deducted since temporary and part-time employees don’t get leave imbursement…  And how does this tour abroad help Prasar Bharati and why should it foot expenses for such pleasure trips – Such questions bound to get attention when overall performance is pedestrian and bland.

Seems time for another round of fireworks !

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