Do you want a strong and happy relationship? Follow these tips!

Do you want a strong and happy relationship? Follow these tips!

Relationships are complicated, we all know that! But they don’t have to stay that way. Every relationship starts on a fairytale-like high note where both the partners are their happy best with each other, willing to compromise and eager to sort misunderstandings. But as time passes by, relationships witness a struggling phase, where the couple fights endlessly, fail or refuse to understand each other and also indulge in blame-game! Most of the relationships lose hopes and end their relationship at this stage. And, in the times when we are instilled with heavy amounts of insecurities, trust issues and ego  – this is the story of almost every contemporary love relationship. So you need to worry not!

Here we have chalked out 6 easy yet crucial love hacks for you to lead a strong and happy relationship for your bae! Remember, not following these rules is equal to nearing a break-up!

  1. Rules should be same for both: If you don’t want your boyfriend to be in touch with his ex or go out with his boys to clubbing every week or talk to his girl friends late at night; make sure you also do not do these things. Because, rules are same for everyone. Especially, in relationships. Do not ever do a thing that you don’t your boyfriend to do. Forget the thought that  you have set rules and regulations for your guy, and you will happily be in touch with your ex-bf or talk to guy friends without informing him.
  2. Say what you truly mean: This happens in almost every relationship that to temporarily solve a fight, we start saying mushy and cute things that we don’t mean. Moreover, in the run of anger also, we end saying things that we never meant. Both these instances are wrong. Don’t say, ‘I love you’ unless you truly mean it. Avoid saying mushy cute things to impress your partner, for it may increase their hopes which you won’t be able stand up to. Never get driven by the anger and deteriorate your bond with the loved one, for words once said can never be taken back. And nothing hurts more than words.

So, say things only when you mean them!

  1. DO NOT forget your friends: When people get into a relationship, they get so involved into each other that they forget their friends. Especially girls! They devote all their time to their new-in-life partner and replace him for their friends which is just so wrong. How can you forget your friends who were there with you in all the ups and downs!

It is also necessary to have a life without him. Socialise with your family, girls, old and school friends. Don’t commit the mistake of making him your everything or else be ready to be taken for granted by him. Also, when he won’t treat you with same importance, you are gonna be badly hurt.

  1. Third Person? Not at all! – Only you two share this relationship, so it is better to keep any third person away. If there’s something annoying you or your partner, sort it among yourself always. Involving a third person can put you in real awkward position.

For instance, you both are in a big fight which has literally heated up you two. So you decide to include a real close friend or a family member in between, who will help sort this mess. You hurl blames at each other and do everything possible to prove your partner wrong in front of that person. The friend will only listen to your sides of the stories but the decision-maker will only be you both. Since most of the couple fights are temporary, it will really be very  awkward to meet your friend and act like nothing had happened. Also, most problems don’t need any third party involvement, so keep others out of it.

  1. Give him attention if you don’t want others to do that: Most girls enjoy attention from other guys if their partner is not giving them enough time and attention. This leads them to move on to another guy. And samge goes with boys as well. If they are not being well taken care of with time and attention, they are surely gonna look for it outside the relationship then!
    It is better to put in your efforts now than repenting when it’s late!
  2. Comparing is a big No!: Learn to accept that every person has their own qualities and shortcomings. Your best friend’s boyfriend might appear to be a super romantic guy unlike yours but what if he also has a negative side which you are not aware of! Nobody is ever perfect! Learn to accept your partner the way he is. If you have so issues with his almost everything, then there’s no point in staying with him. 🙂

Happy dating!

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