Dalit Cry Foul- CEO Blamed !

Dalit Cry Foul- CEO Blamed !

Now a Dalit officer files complaint against CEO Prasar Bharati with the CVC with a long list of allegations. This application accuses CEO for misusing public funds, making arbitrary appointments, parochialism and some other charges which are found allegedly serious. Ravindra Parmar, an Officer stationed at Doordarshan Ahmedabad has sought protection as ‘Whistleblower’ till the matter is fully investigated. The CVC in their communication to the Ministry dated July 19, 2016 have drawn attention towards victimization and shaking off by Prasar Bharati authorities that needed looking into.

One now learns that the harassed officer is moving SC/ST Commission and designated Court with criminal application demeaning an honest officer from the ‘reserved’ category. If this allegation has substance then CEO Prasar Bharati would find himself in another serious imbroglio and with a surcharged political mood in the country on atrocities against Dalits, Jawhar Sircar might lose support and friends this time. Our correspondent learns that many insiders at Ahmedabad reveal that Ravindra Parmar for long been crusading against the caucus that enjoyed patronage and connivance of CEO and ADG-Administration had even got him transferred disparagingly.

It would not be out of place to mention that it was he who reportedly exposed the illegal selection and fudging of documents by one Naidu who was handpicked by CEO as DDG-Security. CEO irrespective of norms went on to elevate Naidu as ADG-Administration that was doubly illegal and construes misuse of authority. The twosome was in league to harm him for exposing their wrongs repeatedly. Now the chap is shifted to AIR for alleged controversies of every kind and grapevine is busy revealing juicy stories.

Amongst many instances of financial and moral illegalities, one was engaging a Consultant for Rs. Five lakhs a month at Mumbai with astounding perks which sounds preposterous in the Government and least of all in defunct Prasar Bharati. It may be mentioned that there have been numerous RTIs and accusations against Jawhar Sircar for making inappropriate appointments as Advisors and he has allegedly been doling out largesse to undeserved people whose contributions and role was never measured and evaluated by the Board.

There are reports of letters that were ignored by an equally unconcerned Prasar Bharati Board. Its Chairman also failed to gauge seriousness of wasting public money despite being informed repeatedly. Why he did not take cognizance is another serious issue – Strangely he alongwith now one marked Board Member has been playing silent role in reintroducing Slot Auction Policy which is another financial fraud, no thought to curb such under-the-counter doings his consideration.

Jawhar Sircar it appears is habitual of rubbing the reserved categories the wrong way and this is pretty serious for someone who often claims to know history and societal obligations more and better. Sources in Ministry also reveal his begrimed outpouring against Lalrosanga former DG Doordarshan hurt the Scheduled Tribe officer to the extent that he was forced to seek intervention of then Secretary. He was about to file criminal complaint against CEO when Secretary pacified him and instructed CEO to conduct himself well. CEO was thankfully saved by a bureaucrat brother without mending his attitude.

Jawhar Sircar so far has been a big let-down and more than any positives he contributed he would be talked (not remembered!) for controversies he generated. This also leaves question mark on the sort of trainings given to bureaucrats who instead of turning catalysts of change become soaring burden on the system. Till then, Prasar Bharati has to suffer –

But why keep a bureaucrat at all – This needs to be discussed afresh now.

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