Court Indicts CBI … Doordarshan Officer Wins

Court Indicts CBI … Doordarshan Officer Wins

Finally someone took the might of CBI by horns and dragged them to Court and got them indicted for schemed high handedness. In a never-before judgement against the premier investigative agency ( CBI ), the Sessions Court, Bangalore vide OS no. 1400/2003 dated November 5, 2016 deciding the petition for defamation  ordered Dr. Mahesh Joshi Addl.DG- Doordarshan paid Rs. 2.5 lakhs as Damages with Cost and interest at the rate of 6% from the date of suit till realization i.e. 2003.  The landmark judgement against CBI for misusing its authority for dishonest, fraudulent and malicious implication of Dr. Joshi in a revenge case that  exposed senior CBI officers aided by handful disgruntled internal officers who tried harming his career and reputation.

The order indicts N Dilip Kumar former DIG CBI and Jt.CP-Vigilance, Delhi Police and B Paneerselvem, Inspector both retired, implicated Dr. Joshi for sheer arrogance and to conceal their professional incompetence to nab the actual culprit. The course of proceedings exposed how personal grudges and animosities translated into CBI criminalizing honest officers and ruining their careers. The ‘Caged Parrot’ as termed is often accused of pandering the high and mighty and picking up minions for sundry offences.

Even the case where Dr Mahesh Joshi was implicated was for a period he was not in the organization and acting as PS to Chairman Karnataka Legislative Council speaks of the professional strength and training of CBI. It exposes how the organization compromised with facts and blindly entangled conscientious persons.  This is even more alarming that the Agency did its best to dissuade Dr. Joshi filing case against them and threatened to implicate him in more serious offences failing withdrawal. Sensing danger he moved High Court Karnataka which in Writ Petition 12559/2000 dated March 28, 2003 ordered Police to provide a PSO and full protection to the Petitioner and his family when CBI tried entangling the petitioner.

It is recalled that matters generated media attention and freedom of citizens that former Deputy Speaker Lok Sabha had to seek intervention of then Prime Minister on the false implication that was setting wrong precedence.  Dr. Manmohan Singh is reported to have raised issue with CBI Chief and even mentioned in the opening address of Police Conference to award double punishment to officers who harassed honest persons. N Vittal CVC is reported to have initiated proceedings against the erring officers.  CBI eventually took backseat.

This exposed modus oprendi of the premier agency to force people to tow their track should have been reason enough to improve its investigative mechanism. The issue of ‘Personal animosity’ of investigating officers was serious a charge that compromised basic tenets of premier agency.  CBI did not ascertain the integrity quotient of Dr. Joshi who otherwise enjoyed a very upright and neat image throughout and respected for his literary and artistic contributions.

Prasar Bharati even as a Corporation has always been a cobweb of controversies since inception and no Government ever saw to the actual malaise it suffered from. The positioning and intervention of untrained and incompetent has led to its nadir and a ‘routine bureaucrat’ is not a perfect candidate at all.  The recent premature exit of Jawhar Sircar, former CEO was not due to any made out reason but for series of failings he was accounted for. More than that his demeanour was openly questioned and challenged and that made him scamper for healthy exit. The Government of day has yet to initiate proceedings against the former CEO who on numerous occasions went beyond his brief and Law indulging in personal vendetta. More so with an acting CEO as his henchman pursues all such policies that do not compliment a media house. One finds each of the deputationist cribbing on professional strength the insiders have but unable to dislodge.

Prasar Bharati fights the ills of legacy subsequent CEOs and other deputationists have left behind and the rise in inertia, loss of public esteem, ill-conceived policies, nepotism and fraudulent happenings ascribed to these unfriendly outsiders only. The recently inducted DG, an insipid and clueless Chairman of the Board and a make-shift CEO pursuing vision-less goal are all detrimental to the well being of Prasar Bharati. One expects more from the dynamism of Prime Minister whose understanding for media is appreciated well.

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