Anup Kumar Srivastava : How an upright officer can be victimized by Mafia within the Customs & Excise Department ?

Anup Kumar Srivastava,Customs & Excise Department

An upright officer, whose patriotism brought him back tcustoms220314o India to serve his own country, from the School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina, USA, leaving aside lucrative Post Doctoral Associate in Immunology, and US Green Card, to appear in UPSC Interview of Civil Services in April 1984 and who joined Indian Customs & C. Excise Service, Gr. A in Nov.1984 on the basis of merit- cum- choice.

Dr. Anup Kumar Srivastava was Commissioner of Central Excise, Delhi-I  from March 2010 to Dec.11.The revenue collection in Gross terms was enhanced by Rs. 152 Crore more in Yr.2010-11, over the revenue of Rs.313 Crore realized in 2009-2010 inspite of economic slowdown and closing/shifting of several units in Delhi. Similarly, during the period from April 2011 to Dec.11, the revenue collection of Rs. 186 Crore more was made in net terms over revenue collection of Rs.297 Crore during the same period in the previous year. This growth in revenue could be achieved by making the assesses aware that for the honest Tax-payer, the Deptt. of C. Excise was no more a tax collector, but a facilitator, where the assesses become partner in the National growth and Development. For the tax evaders, the tax evasion detected and realized in Anti-evasion, Audit as well as Arrears of Recovery was more than double over previous years.  It became first “Sevottam Certified” Commissionerate by BIS in the Country.

The  appraisal reports have rated him an Outstanding officer at Score 10 with remarks  as Very intelligent and hard working officer; has an analytical mind and goes deep to see minute details; all round commendable performance in his Commissionerate; has excellent leadership qualities; dedicated and a sincere officer; very dynamic and energetic officer; Has  made excellent detection of duty evasion cases; highly motivated officer, can be relied on fully; highly disciplined- Fit for special assignments, PMO etc.; takes a great deal of pains to go to the roots of a problem; has shown a lot of firmness, intelligence and skills in handling a difficult charge;  can be Trusted with much higher responsibilities;  an effective administrator etc.

However, the mafia of some powerful / moneyed Superintendents and Inspectors of the Deptt. in Delhi, in nexus with some tax-evaders, could not tolerate his initiatives. When Dr. Srivastava                                                  initiated a Vigilance inquiry against them and transferred them from the Commissionerate on the complaint of extortion received from the trade, as well as, from Sh. Ramjethmalani, President of Supreme Court Bar Association in January, 2011, a vengeful conspiracy was hatched to falsely implicate him with the sole intention to remove him from the post of Commissioner, C. Excise, Delhi-1. Thus, a CBI case made against all the tenets of legal jurisprudence.

However, his stand has got vindicated, as Hon’ble High Court, Delhi quashing all the charges against him, on 21/11/2013, held that viewed from any angle, even a prima-facie case is not made out.

On the basis of some false allegations, a preliminary inquiry to investigate into his assets was also initiated by CBI. The said PE has also been closed as no prima facie evidence has been found against him.

His integrity and honesty of 30 years of dedicated service to the Deptt. has been upheld. However, to refrain him from performing his rightful duties and curbing the tax-evasion, gross injustice done to him has disturbed and shattered him and his whole family and put them in serious state of shock, trauma and major health problems.

Now he has been posted as Commissioner( Appeals ), Customs,C. Excise & Service Tax, Gauhati. However, it is yet to be seen as to how Govt. restores his lost dignity and honour.



  1. CBI had registered a case against Doctor and others for allegedly demanding bribe of Rs 60 lakh from Mobile Importers Dilip Aggarwal & Anand Aggarwal. Middleman Hemant Gandhi and Lallan Ojha(Superintendent of Central Excise Anti-Evasion Branch) have already been arrested by CBI and are in Judicial custody in Tihar Jail. It is alleged that the bribe of Rs 2 Crore was initially demanded for hushing up the matter but the deal was ultimately cut to Rs 60 Lakh.

  2. Earlier CVC had also recommended transfer of Doctor from Delhi Central Excise after it found substance in allegation of corruption in a complaint; but Doctor managed to continue in key posting through his connections in Finance Ministry. Had Finance Ministry transferred Doctor from Delhi; this situation would not have arisen.

    This was second inning of Doctor in Delhi Excise. Earlier Doctor had worked in initial stages of his career as Assistant Commissioner(Anti-Evasion) in Central Excise Commissionerate in Delhi. Doctor also worked as PS to a Minister. According to sources Doctor is the most influential IRS Officer and is highly connected with several Politicians and was seen in several late night parties of Delhi’s elite.

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