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  1. To,
    The Director of CBI
    Plot No.5-B,CGO Complex , Lodhi road New Dehli-11003
    2-The Director of CVC, -Satarkta Bhawa, A-Block,GPO Complex INI New Delhi-110023
    3-The Joint Director (admn), Enforcement Directorate,
    6th Floor Loknayak Bhawan,Khan Market,New Delhi-110003
    4-The Comptroller & Auditor General of India,
    Pocket-9,Dindayal Upadhyay Marg,New Delhi 110024.
    5-The Principal Director General of Income Tax,(system)
    Nehru Enclave,Kalkaji road New Delhi.
    6-The chief of Research & Analysis Wing,
    Through -Confidential mail.
    7-Deputy Commissioner of Police — EOW (cell)
    Mandir Marg New Delhi -110001.

    Subject-Requesting to arrest and to investigate the international Criminal The Nepali Citizen Deepak Raj Bhandari, who is exploiting our country in unseen way behind the curtain of RVK,making our citizens fool , misusing our culture, misusing Guru Agya in the premises of RVK and its Devotees sphere , misusing our sacred law of Nation ,feeding our Police,and our every department looking each other apparently in lake of concrete evidence. Sir,
    I am filling this complaints against (RVK) Raj Vidya Kender so called non profit organization shahurpur chhaterpur Mehaharauli New Delhi , Which is running under the clutch of the MD, said Nepali citizen Deepak Raj Bhandari ,also he is the Honer of eight pvt. ltd.companies at Okhla New Delhi .Already the FIR No.222/2015 .is pending in the PS, Samirpet R/R. Dist. Telangana state.He has been granted stay order for 15 days only on criminal petition No.10130 on 30 th Nov. 2015 by Hon’ble the high court of judicature of Hyderabad .The Telangana Police has refereed the case to New Delhi Police ,to this attached case 53-tc dt 21-11-16 against Deepak Raj Bhandari pending in PS fatehpurberi New Dehli, I have joint the inquiry to come from Hyderabad on dt. 17-2-17 before SI Vikas Rana PS Fatehpurberi New Delhi only for sake of India.
    It is a transfer case of dt. 13-10-2015 by PMO, MHA, APSHRC , case No. 4730/2015 and Commissioner of Police Gachibowli Hyderabad via No.120/C1/CYB/2015 TS respectively. In this connection till date no notice, not action of FIR against Nepali citizen Deepak Raj Bhandari has been being taken. Apparently he has been being given chance by neglecting.
    While the fact is he is a vicious.He is exploiting India without leaving foot print.He is misusing the governing body of (RVK) Raj vidya kender chhaterpur shahurpur meharauli.The governing body of RVK is responsible for allowing Nepali citizen to exploit our country on the name of ASHTA VISVAS,indian culture , assumption of good faith.This criminal Nepali citizen is highly qualified has been using these handful greedy members of governing body of RVK by pouring dust in the eyes of law, along with ten crore innocent Indian devotees from nook and corner of the country using them as puppets. He is having uncountable wealth, money and political influence and spends most of his time in European countries. I would like to draw your attention to this point that if there was a simple , a common or an innocent Indian citizen in place of this Nepali Smuggler, and so much serious and criminal repeated cases/complaints were pending such in Patna High court and High court of judicature at Hyderabad ,then he would have behind the bar. The fact is this Nepali citizen is a KAMDHENU COW for Police.It is only the reason in spite of concrete evidence and repeatedly complaints, The Nepali citizen is out grip of police .

    1-Deepak Raj Bhandari is all over manager/Director of so called non profit organization (RVK)Delhi and its Branches in almost every state of India?

    2- If – yes , then any declaration, that denotes he is the responsible ?
    3-If- not, then at what ground he is ruling over the governing body of non profit organization (RVK) Meharauli,being The Director/Owners of eight pvt.ltd. Companies situated at A- 10, Okhla, illegally in same Flat, but in paper showing on differrent places.1-Kancord wire pvt. ltd.,2- Advance audio production pvt. ltd., 3- Affimac India pvt ltd.,4-Premire India pvt ltd.5-Anjan TV., 7-Daper India pvt., and, 8- AAP Media

    4- To be investigated on the money transaction between RVK and above his pvt. ltd. companies for last 25 years.

    5-Kindly investigate the matter since 1995 to 2016,thousands of foreigners devotees used to come in India to attend the events for 3 days to 5 days of program ,for that they used to stay in the premises of RVK Chandanhulla maharauli New Delhi for more than 10 days which expenditure for lodging and fooding , for foreigners were arrange by RVK it self , as Indian culture says, ATITHI DEVO BHAVA, for that Indian devotees used to do labor hard for making tent cities for foreigners to live in,with equipment donated by Indian devotees on free of cost for seva and thus RVK has been capable with sufficient tents and all other equipment require for events as everybody either Indian or foreigners cooperated RVK .But his Affimac pvt. ltd. company uses to charge big amount RVK , on duplicate bills.In this way his above all eight of eight pvt ltd companies has been exploiting RVK. Because RVK is non profit organization,took place here for serving and teaching truth way of life for diffusion of Technic of knowledge of Guru , for that crores of Indian citizen are devotees They use to pay their contribution from hardship earned money so that rest of Indian also may feel bliss in their lives and India may become vishva guru in the world .As it is well known by every one of us that the Government alone cannot act in such roll of establishment of peace in the way of politics.So NGOs are allowed to pay their service under the rules and regulation of India. I would like to draw your attention that at the other hand there is provision of exemption of tax under 80G of the act, the tax payer is must be benefited in regard of this case but behind the curtain of this act also the treasury of government are being looted by this Nepali citizen Deepak Raj Bhandari by taking the registered governing body of RVK in his clutch illegally and unlawfully. Here he is misusing and pretending the Indian law of exemption of tax under 80G of the act and making Indian fool . 6- Further to be investigated the mysterious death of the honest Accountant of RVK ‘s Atma Ram in Nepal is the concrete evidence of persecution against the ashram sevak .Atma Ram was serving as a chief accountant in RVK Delhi from 1979 to1990.Gorakh Prasad ( his cell No. 9311113429) is still alive was assistant Clerk of Late Atma Ram .Gorakh Prasad knows well of the mysterious death of Atma Ram because Gorakh Prasad has been the best supporter of the Nepali citizen Deepak Raj Bhandari , in result Gorakh Prasad well settled in fatehpur Dehari Chandanhulla New Dehli along with one more partner Rakesh Kapil s/o Gurusharan Kapil R/O B-132, Maidan garhi New Delhi,.Both are graced by Deepak Raj Bhandari and today they are crorepati in the city. Not to speak of late victim Atma Ram even today Ashram sevaks, ex Mahatmas and retired mahatms in RVK is being constraint to bow their heads before this Nepali citizen.Whoever spoke against him had been expelled from Ashram to pay them one lakh rupees only.Today the expelled RVK’s personal are constraint for begging as they have not experience of house holding in the age of sixty and above.Because they left their families under teen age . In this way The Heroes (bal brahamchari) of untold and unseen history of India in decade of 60, 70,80, and 90 of RVK have changed the lives of thousands of criminals,docaits,rapists, and alcoholism in India ,brought them on true life by inspiration and diffusion of Technic of self of the knowledge in all over India and abroad . To afraid of this Nepali citizen rest of RVK’s devotees obey him implicitly and constraint to help him in exploiting Nation as they do not want to beg in this old age,
    7-RVK is a shield property , under supreme court monitoring committee, but it has been used as a hotel , and unauthorized activities are performed , actors and actress of ANJAN TV of said Nepali citizen shoot here and use it as farm house on free of cost.
    8-The members of governing body of RVK are renewal before getting signature on resignation paper so that no one can arise voice against him,These are benefited by huge amount, they never visit RVK,they are living with their families in their respective city, village of state.Thus the governing body are under the clutch of this Nepali citizen.They are aware of the facts of Atma Ram’s mysterious death and influence of Deepak Raj Bhandari.This is to be investigated .

    9-All equipment , tents , electrical, musical,and all others are required for ashram (rvk) are storage in the premises of rvk. In fact these are the property of rvk ,then at what circumstances above said companies of Deepak raj bhandari receives rent charges of equipment by duplicate bill. This to be investigated.

    10- Before the monsoon in the year of 2015, all electrical instrument and others itemes, cost of 15 lac of RVK were dumped in a tent house by the strict order of Deepak raj bhandari knowingly in the premises and after damaging , it was claimed from insurance and further illegally and unlawfully were deposited/transferred the amount in his pvt. ltd coy.

    11-Deepak Raj Bhandari has unlimited wealth , earned in real estate, sold the RVK’s land of Nagpur, Hajipur Noeda ,and many buildings donated by devotees in different cities of India, and transferred the money in Nepal running schools and Hospitals there on his father’s name. This Nepali smuggler is capable to close any criminal case, as he paid Rs 10 lac Patna High court for smuggling caught his Trucks.and paid huge amount to get stay order from Hyderabad High court Judicature.Most of his time spends in European countries and others west countries.

    12- Deepak Raj Bhandari approached a Helicopter Engineer in Malaysia to get the device set in rvk Helicopter in year of 2002 ,intentionally to get the helicopter crass while Mr. Prem Rawat would travel from Delhi to Hyderabad in month of April 2003 Fortunately the engineer was a devotee of Mr. Prem Rawat .His wife’s friend Arti Margret a USA citizen was present that noon when the Engineer came back with sweat forehead .witnesses are available in need.

    13-Helicopter and a plane No. MD902PR have been registered on the name of Priyan foundation then at what ground above the said companies charges from RVK on duplicate bill, to be investigated.

    14- The helicopter was sold by Deepak raj bhandari and purchased new one with that money and got it the registration on his own company, to be investigated .

    15- Ratnagiri vara Prasad Rao Land Manager of RVK Turtkapally Hyderabad add. R/O 110 -B , Vengal Rao nagar Hyderabad pin – 500038, cell no. 9848037237 , is a Business partner of above said eight pvt. ltd.coy.and he works for Deepak raj bhandari to be in south India at Hyderabad for making white money from black money with help of Chennai associates, to be investigated.

    16-It is only the reason there are two different organization working in the legal paper , in the 300 acre land of RVK TURKAPALLY Samirpet at Hyderabad , one is RVK Delhi’s branch non profit organization , which deed is quite difference than the another, which is a Trust RVK (south) took place on 9-8-2005 for money laundering according to its deed , it can draw, make ,accept , endorse,and negotiate cheques promissory notes ,bills of exchange , hundies and other negotiable instruments in pursuance of the objects of the Trust.In the paper this said trust is controlled by an office situated in Chennai. This is the main door of embezzlement of movable property and unmovable property of rvk.It is only the reason there is a flat for Prasad rao of Hyd. separately registered in the premises of rvk Delhi to stay in .

    17-The land of RVK Turkapally at Hyderabad was purchased in year of 2000,by the money collected crores of Rupees from the devotees nook and corner of the country(then there were about only200 devotees in south India) and it was registered 100 acre of land on the representative name Ratnagiri vara prasad rao, as per record of MRO Sameerpet RR. Dist. TS.and the rest of land was under the carpet, further ,announced of 300 acre of land verbally .To show the full land of 300 acre on the ground he captured forcibly/ verbally / collaboration with panchayat / enticement the poor widows land/and forest land were extended for some months/year. In this regard commissioner of police Cyberabad Telangana state went into inquiry No.120/C1/CYB/2015.DT.13-10-2015 on FIR No.222/2015 and reported that as of now there is an extent of land 216 Acres is available in the name of rvk south and Turkapally rvk.The said police officer did not mentioned that as on same date 14 Acres of land was released from rvk Turkapally and handed over the land with cemented road buildings and precious herbal crops to National Institute of Nutrition jamia osmania Hyd.by the order of Honb’le court on FIR No.205 /2015, PS- Samirpet TS. Even today several parts of the said land are under controlled of close relatives and friends of Prasad Rao .
    18-Also it to be investigated regarding taken action or Neglectful taken action by The Director of Income Tax(INVESTIGATION) E-ARA center Jhandewala extention New Delhi-55. as letter KAY/CRU/1429/2864/2015/16-3088DT. 31-12-15(uin)15112864TC
    PRAYER- In view of above ,for sake of our country ,kindly investigate the every matter of bullet point given above .to arrest him,also may seized his passport ,keep him away from RVK’s personal and with charge sheet and all proves , may produce him before the court. I would be feel grateful to you if you all cooperate to get the Nepali Rawan behind the bar.This day will be historical in India and in the world ,when the RVK will be free from the clutch of Deepak Raj Bhandari,.

    Yours faithfully

    Manorma devi
    w/o-satyaprakash ravidas

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