5 signs you are dating a low maintenance girl

Having a low maintenance girl doesn’t mean that your girl has low standards, it simply means that she is
less drama in comparison to any other girl. She is not one of those girls who always try to be the centre
of attraction in a relationship and never get tired of complaining about your habits and friends.

You should be happy that you are in one such relationship which not only keeps you at peace, but also
gives you enough freedom and space to breathe in. You get to spend quality time with your friends and
family and she has no problem with it. But she definitely expects you to not take her for granted and
take the initiative of introducing her to your family.

If you too are dating a low maintenance girl, here’s a list of signs that you completely relate to:

She doesn’t take ages to get ready
It is not a tough task for her to get ready and meet you on time. She throws on her super comfortable
clothes in no time. Unlike other girls, she doesn’t waste hours on deciding what she should wear for an
evening date. Also, she doesn’t have a closet full of clothes, so it is easier for her to choose her outfit of
the day. Regardless of where you are going for a date, she still doesn’t have time for a full scale
operation involving hair, make-up and many changes of outfit.

She doesn’t require constant pampering
No, she is not one of those girls who constantly need to be reminded about how much you love them.
Your efforts and actions are enough for her to understand that you love her. She doesn’t expect you to please her every now and then to make her believe that she is special. All she wants you to do is be by her side whenever she is in need. She won’t feel unwanted like a typical emotional girl if you don’t surprise her on her birthday.  But sometimes relationships become too mundane, so a little pampering does no harm.

She has no room for drama
Girls are often associated with all the drama in a guy’s life. But a guy, who gets into a relationship with a low maintenance girl, is often told to be lucky. This is because she doesn’t act dramatic on petty issues.
She won’t mess with you for not taking you out on a date on a valentine’s day and can easily be convinced for staying in instead. She knows that it is pointless to fight when you two can order some snacks at home and simply enjoy playing your favorite video game.

She doesn’t demand for expensive gifts
She is not dating you so you could spend lavishly on her and shower her with branded clothes or gifts.
She keeps it plain and simple and is satisfied with all the lovely gestures you pour upon her. Most important things in her life are people, places, memories and pictures. She only expects you to meet her emotional needs with all your love and affection. Her idea about love is way beyond materialistic things. Materialistic things don’t impress her, but your soul does.

She easily gels up with your friends
She is a nice and friendly person. She wishes to know every person that holds value in your life and tries to be friendly with them. She has no problem in being friends with your friends. She rather enjoys their company. You don’t have to force her to talk to your friends or family. She tries to include herself in your conversations on her own. And there are times when she’ll even hangout with them when you are not around.

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